Failure To Appear For A Traffic Ticket

If you have failed to appear before the court for a traffic ticket, then you are probably wondering what the consequences are or what punishment(s) you could get. Showing up in court when you have been summoned is very important and failing to do so can result in varying consequences, depending on how well you handle the matter. That is why you need a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer to assist you so you can evade punishments and end up in a good position.

This article will address everything you need to know about failing to appear for a traffic ticket and the steps you can take to set things right.

Consequences For Failing To Appear In Court

The likely consequences of your failure to appear in court on your date of appearance varies. The first thing you should note is that your absence would be tagged as a misdemeanor and could attract any of the following outcomes:

Bench Warrant

The court may issue a bench warrant which gives police officers the right to arrest you when they see you. The police might not be on an active hunt for you, but the moment they sight you, they are placing you under arrest. Also, if you had committed a crime and the court has proof, it may issue an arrest warrant that would keep you in jail until your arraignment.

Contempt of Court

The court may also find you guilty of contempt of court for failing to appear. This is a misdemeanor that could attract jail time as well as a series of fines for you to settle. You may end up staying in jail until your date in court.

Suspension of License

The court can also order that your license be suspended. This could create additional problems for you as you may be unaware of the suspension and would continue driving your car as usual. If you get pulled over, the police would arrest you based on the bench warrant and also on fresh charges of driving around with a suspended license. You would have to pay reinstatement fees for you to have your license back.

What Can You Do?

Most times, people do not choose to willingly skip their day in court as some other business or activity may need their attention. If you know anything would prevent you from showing up in court on your due date, then you should reach out to the court clerk before that day and ask for a reschedule. Make sure you fix a date that you are sure you would be able to show up on.

If, however, you have missed the date already, there are two ways you can defend yourself in court;

Unaware Of Notice Of Appearance: you can only use this plea if the ticket you were given did not have a date of appearance on it or if you did not receive the notice at all.

Extraordinary Circumstances: if there were circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from showing up in court, the judge may accept your plea. Some of the events include you being in the hospital for a major illness or if you had an accident on your way to the court.

The best thing you can do, if you cannot use any of the pleas above, is to seek legal assistance to help you build a good cause on why you missed your date and help you reschedule another while also protecting you from the harsh fines you could face. Visit to find out more.

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