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pay Louisiana tickets online

How to Pay Louisiana Tickets Online

Caught speeding? It’s happened to the best of us. If you drive a car that piques the interest of police officers, or if you have a heavy foot, you’ll more than likely be caught at some point. If you’re pulled over in Louisiana and receive a ticket, you need to make sure you pay it. […]
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Failure To Appear For A Traffic Ticket

If you have failed to appear before the court for a traffic ticket, then you are probably wondering what the consequences are or what punishment(s) you could get. Showing up in court when you have been summoned is very important and failing to do so can result in varying consequences, depending on how well you […]
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ticket dismissed

How To Get Your Ticket Dismissed In Louisiana

It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are: at one point or another, we all bend one rule or another. It can be very difficult to go your entire driving career without receiving a ticket. Speeding tickets are most commonly what many otherwise responsible drivers get hit with. If you’ve been received a […]
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Do Old Traffic Tickets Go Away Eventually?

Traffic tickets happen to almost everyone at one point or another. If you find yourself in possession of a number of them, you want to know if you will always have them on your record. Sometimes people might think that old tickets just disappear like old debt, unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes […]
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