Why Your Louisiana Driver’s License Could Be Suspended, And How You Can Check

Why Your Louisiana Driver's License Could Be Suspended, And How You Can Check

How To Check if Your Louisiana Driver’s License is Suspended

You could have reason to doubt that your driver’s license is suspended if you live in Louisiana but you’re not sure. If you want to call someone at the DMV, it is recommended you call at 7:59 am sharp. This is because the phone lines open at 8:00 am and you’ll only have to wait for 10 minutes to get through to customer support. It is only by making the call that you will know for sure that your license has been suspended if you need to start searching for a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer. If you don’t manage to make the call within the stipulated time, it will take some time before you can get through to customer support.

Checking For A Suspension 

There are some circumstances in which you might not be quite sure if your license has been suspended or not. If you are unsure, there are a few easy ways that you can check, even online! If you have had your license suspended, you should be aware of the steps that you need to take to have your driving ability fully reinstated. Here are some of the steps that you can expect to take during the process, aside from working with your traffic ticket lawyer

Going to the DMV

You can check the system by physically going through your local DMV. There is usually an express lane for any queries related to drivers. The reports are unofficial and you can know if your driving license has been suspended. It should be noted that the reports might be perfect simply because they’re not official. Just because there is no violation found doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re clean as a whistle. It is usually a good sign and there will be plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

Getting to Court

You will need to look at if going to court is necessary to get some information. If there is a payment to be made, the best place to get information is on the ticket. It could be a red flag if previous fees haven’t been paid. Make sure you have paid all that is owed so that you can eliminate all concerns. If there is a need to pay or provide a new court date, there will be a need for paperwork.

Getting the Court Date

The ticket could still be open for you to figure out a new court date. There is also the chance that you might need a reinstatement letter that should be taken to the DMV so that the flags can be cleared.

It could be in the middle of the night and you’re looking to get information on the status of your license. The DMV shuts down at around 4 am and you can still get some information. As we’ve already mentioned, make sure that you’re making the call at 7:59 am to confirm whether or not your license has been suspended or else you’re in for a rough day.

Reinstating the License

If you find out that your driver’s license has been suspended, there are some conditions that you’ll have to fulfill before it can be reinstated. This will depend on the severity of the offense that you committed. Your license might have been suspended because of failure to make child support payments. The only way you’ll have it reinstated is when you make the payment in full. The rules will vary from one state to another. For more information on driving license suspensions and what you can do about it if your license is suspended, check out louisianaspeedingticket.com.

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