Do Old Traffic Tickets Go Away Eventually?

Traffic tickets happen to almost everyone at one point or another. If you find yourself in possession of a number of them, you want to know if you will always have them on your record. Sometimes people might think that old tickets just disappear like old debt, unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes into what keeps an old traffic ticket going. Of course, it is ideal to have help from a Louisiana speeding ticket lawyer who is able to provide more insight into your specific situation. Everyone is different, and more help may be required.

Jurisdiction Does Matter

The jurisdiction on where the ticket was received matters. The area has a certain amount of time to bring up the cases. Each area is different. If it was you that missed the court date, then you interrupted this amount of time, and so the tickets need to still be dealt with. The tickets cannot be ignored, and they have been filed away for a rainy day. They will normally continue to be there.

Whether the ticket was from four years ago or 15 years ago, it is important to know how good the court’s records are. Sometimes they will have no records, which means they can be removed from the driving record of the person. In the case of being found, a new court date has to be established. This is where you can bring the tickets up, take care of them, and remove them from the record, if at all possible. This can be done on tickets as old as 30 or more years old if they are found in the system.

Even if you think it is too old to deal with, it may not be. They might have the record on their computers. They may even suspend your license without you even knowing it. This means if you’re pulled over while driving, the police officer has the right to arrest you for driving with a suspended license. This puts you in even more trouble than you already are in. Surprisingly, this happens more often than not.

Instead of worrying about this, you should make sure to take care of all those traffic tickets you get. This can be something that is easy to do, especially if they’re older. The judge may decide to have you pay a fine and remove them from your driving record. This can free up those points, and ensure your license is not taken away, especially without your knowledge of it happening.

Call a Professional Who Can Help

If you have more questions that need answers, speak with professionals at Our professionals are able to go over your driving record and make sure you get the best outcome for any traffic tickets you might come across. You need the best outcome for your driving records, and with their help; you can take care of any and all ticket history you may be holding onto. Contact the team today to learn more.

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