What You Need to Know About Old Traffic Tickets

Have you always wondered what happens to old traffic tickets? Do they magically disappear? If you’ve accumulated traffic tickets in the past, you’ll obviously be concerned. You might need the help of a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer if you’re having legal issues, like the potential suspension of your license. What happens to old traffic tickets is a matter of jurisdiction. The law is different from one state to another.

Subject to Prescription

When tickets are subject to prescription, it means that the state will have a limited amount of time allowed to bring up the case. If the state or jurisdiction doesn’t bring up the cases within the required time frame, the traffic tickets could be entirely dismissed. Missing a court date could interfere with the prescription and that is why it is encouraged to attend or have an attorney do so on your behalf. The old tickets will need to be dealt with and it is recommended that you do not postpone the issue.

Court Records

Sometimes the issue will water down to the court records. You might get phone calls 5 years down the line for a traffic ticket that you got years before. It will be up to the jurisdiction to find out about the traffic tickets and issue out a new court date.

Unpaid Fines

The states get their revenue through parking tickets and they’ll not see a reason why they should keep them low. If you let the tickets accumulate, you could be facing huge fines even without knowing. The fines are also likely to be increased if they’re not paid within a specified period. The court due dates will not be the same across the state. It will depend on the severity of the offense and if you’re a repeat offender.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant can be issued if you fail to pay the traffic tickets on time. For the tickets to accumulate, it means that you’ve not paid the fines. In the majority of states, you’ll automatically be charged with a fine if you don’t appear in court for a petty misdemeanor traffic ticket. You could also be arrested when pulled over if the fines haven’t been paid for.

Getting the Old Tickets

If you decide that you want to get rid of the old traffic tickets, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is how many there are. It can be challenging to know the exact number, especially if you’ve been receiving them generously over the years. It is understandable to forget even if you got a notice. Once you’ve determined the number of old traffic tickets, it is advisable that you get in touch with an experienced traffic attorney to help with your case. Make sure to get someone who has handled such cases in the past if you want to completely get rid of the old tickets. For more information on old traffic tickets, you can check out https://louisianaspeedingticket.com


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