What to Expect from a Speeding Ticket Dismissal in Louisiana

speeding ticket dismissal

Getting a speeding ticket can cost you even more than the speeding fine. Did you know that getting a speeding ticket in Louisiana can increase your insurance by $462? Most people don’t know they have the option or take the time to contest a ticket.

If you dispute the ticket, you may receive a speeding ticket dismissal. If you win, the ticket isn’t reported to your insurance or put on your driving record. Are you ready to learn more about this option?

Keep reading to find out how Louisiana handles speeding ticket dismissal.

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in Louisiana?

Many states use a driving record point system. The Louisiana Department of Licensing does not use this type of system. Yet, they do track traffic violations.

Individuals who show a pattern of unsafe driving face consequences. This may include suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Driver’s licenses are also suspended for too many traffic violations or major infractions.

Speeding ticket fines in Louisiana vary depending on how fast you were driving. In general, the least expensive tickets are about $115. This often applies to those driving one to nine miles over the speed limit.

If you’re caught driving 10 to 14 miles above the speed limit, your ticket will cost about $215. Driving 15-20 miles over will get you a fine of about $240.

People driving more than 20 miles over the speed limit must appear in court. Their speeding fine and other punishments are set at this hearing.

Failure to pay your ticket fine by the due date can result in additional late fees.

What Are Your Options If You Get Speeding Tickets in Louisiana?

Many individuals don’t know that they have choices after they receive a speeding ticket. In fact, you have several options for responding to the ticket. Be sure that you take action within 15 days of receiving the citation to avoid further penalties.

Pay the Ticket

You may choose to simply pay for the ticket. The court considers this an admission of guilt and you waive your right to any court challenge.

Your insurance company will receive a report about the ticket. This may cause your insurance rate to increase.

Mitigation Hearings

Everyone has the right to ask for a mitigation hearing. This means you admit that you’re guilty. The purpose of this hearing is to ask for a fine reduction.

Participating in a mitigation hearing can lower your fine or set up a monthly payment plan. You may also have the choice to do community service to “pay” for the fine. Once the judge reaches a decision, you can’t appeal.

Ask for a Contested Hearing

A third choice is to request a contested hearing in court. On your ticket, you will see a check box for this option. Mark this box and mail it to the court.

If you choose to fight the ticket, hiring an attorney can prove very valuable. They have the expertise to help you plan your case. Thus, you may avoid paying fines, increased insurance fees, or driver’s license suspension.

Failing to appear on the assigned court date will result in the issuing of a warrant for your arrest. If you can’t attend the hearing, notify the court as soon as possible and set a new date.

Request a Speeding Ticket Dismissal

In Louisiana, individuals can have their speeding tickets dismissed for several reasons. Ask an attorney about the best approach for your individual situation.

Defensive Driving School

Many Louisiana tickets are dismissed if you complete an approved defensive driving course. You must contact the court and request approval to take this course to dismiss your fine.

Courts vary and may or may not offer this option. Louisiana keeps track of moving violations. Your driving record may cause the court to deny this option.

For example, the moving violation must be minor and non-criminal in nature. You also must have a valid non-commercial driver’s license at the time of the ticket.

The court may give you a deadline to complete the course. Ensure you finish the course and submit documents of completion before the deadline.

After the court has had time to process your dismissal, check your driving record. Never assume that everything’s taken care of. Contact the court if you don’t see the documentation of your dismissal.

Failure of Officer to Make Court Appearance

If you’re required or you choose to attend a court hearing for your traffic ticket, the officer must appear. In some cases, the officer who wrote the citation doesn’t make the court session. In this case, the court’s only choice is to dismiss the ticket.

Erroneous Ticket

The law requires that all information included on the ticket is complete and accurate. Carefully review your ticket. If any information is missing or incorrect, you may have a legal argument.

Review the ticket with your attorney. If the court agrees that the ticket contains errors or a lack of information, your case may be dismissed.

Equipment Malfunction

Another approach to fighting a ticket is to question the equipment’s accuracy. This may include RADAR guns or red-light cameras used by the officer. Proving to the court that there was an equipment malfunction, may cause the court to dismiss the case.

Are You Looking for Help After Receiving a Speeding Ticket?

This article described how speeding tickets can cost you. Having a ticket on your record means paying a fine as well as increases in insurance. One of the best solutions is to get a speeding ticket dismissed.

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