What To Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket In Louisiana

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Louisiana

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Louisiana: Breaking the speed limit and getting a ticket may not seem like such a big deal. Just pay the fine and get on with it. But what happens if you have multiple tickets for different types of traffic infractions including speeding?

Every infraction will be recorded on your driving record. When they accumulate, your license could be suspended or even permanently revoked. Law enforcement, lawyers, future employers and other organizations may gain access to your driving record. A bad driving record may not reflect well on you in the future and adversely affect various areas of your life.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Louisiana
Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Louisiana

A lawyer can help defend you against a speeding ticket and get it overturned in court. They can also provide you with the best advice about what you should do when you are pulled over for breaking the speed limit and ticketed.

So What Should You Do When You Get a Speeding Ticket?

The following steps are recommended!

Step 1 – Remain In Your Vehicle

Stay in your car. Any attempt to get out of the vehicle may appear as a sign of aggression to the law enforcement officer who pulled you over. Unless the officer requests it, don’t get out of the car and keep your hands visible.

Step 2 – Provide Information

The officer will ask you for your license, registration, and proof of insurance. You should always have these with you when driving and hand them over upon request. Answer any questions that the officer asks honestly. If you don’t want to answer a question, you don’t have to.

Step 3 – The Right To Remain Silent

You have the right to remain silent even if you aren’t being arrested. This right is to prevent you from implicating yourself or admitting to a crime. The best advice that any lawyer can give you is not to answer any questions from a law enforcement officer until you have spoken to a lawyer or your lawyer is present.

Step 4 – Be Polite And Courteous

If you disagree with the officer about whether or not you were speeding, don’t start a heated argument at the side of the road. You will have a chance to defend yourself in court at a later date once you have received advice from a lawyer. Simply explain that you prefer to answer any questions with your lawyer present.

Step 5 – Evidence

If you feel you weren’t speeding, collect any evidence or record it so that your lawyer can present it in court. If you were speeding and had a valid reason to be doing so, make sure that you remember to tell your lawyer. Do not tell the officer as this could be seen as an admission of guilt. Also, pay attention to the officer and whether they followed the procedure in pulling you over and issuing a ticket. You could have a ticket overturned if the officer did not follow procedure or infringed on your rights.

Step 6 – Call A Lawyer

Last but most importantly, call a lawyer who specializes in traffic tickets. The sooner you call, the stronger your case will be.