Tips To Get Points Removed From a Speeding Ticket in Louisiana

Speeding Ticket Law in Louisiana

Speeding Ticket Lawyer: In Louisiana, your driver’s license has a traffic offenses point system. They’re more offenses that you’re charged for in a certain period of time, the higher the points as well as the chances of being suspended. This means that you won’t be allowed to drive for a certain period.

The authorities do not watch you individually. If you’re pulled over for any reason and they identify that you’ve been driving with a suspended license, the repercussions could be dire. You might be looking at jail time as well.

The points that you accumulate aren’t permanent and usually stay on your license for up to three years, and then they are removed. Your record will still show the history of the ticket, but you don’t have to fret about points from years ago having an impact on your license today.

There are many ways to get a license suspended, and the number of points you’ve accumulated is one factor. As such, it’s important to know how many you’ve accumulated by checking Louisiana’s DMV site.

So, just how do you reduce points from your license?

Complete a defensive driving course, ideally known as driver improvement or traffic school. The Department of Motor Vehicles usually approves these, and taking one can remove or reduce points on your record, reinstate your license and even in some cases, dismiss a traffic ticket. Louisiana’s DMV agency decides the eligibility to take the defensive driving course, and it’s important to note that there are limits. You can only attend the class voluntarily once in every 12 months and can’t attend for more than five times each decade. However, if you decide to fight the ticket and the judge orders you to take the course, then your opportunity to choose a driving school isn’t used up.

Speeding Ticket Law in Louisiana
Speeding Ticket Law in Louisiana

Decide to fight the ticket. You can also opt to hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. They should be able to review your case and give a defense strategy. Depending on your ticket’s nature, a lawyer can help dismiss the charges, minimize the fines, and prevent points from getting into your driving record. They can ideally help prevent insurance premiums from rising.

Keep the license plates, vehicle insurance, state inspection, and vehicle registration updated. Allowing any of these to expire will only draw more attention from the authorities, which can ideally be used against you in court.

Ask for a deferral. In this option, even if the court finds you guilty, the ticket will be deferred for a particular period, usually one year. If you get through the deferral period without being charged for another offense, then the ticket will be entirely dismissed. However, should you get another citation during this period, both tickets will go on record, thus making things like insurance rates even worse. This tends to be a risky move as it eliminates all options for fighting the second ticket.

The best option when it comes to tickets is to stay out of trouble. Keep your car in good order and follow all the traffic rules. If you are charged with a traffic violation, however, ensure you consult a competent traffic lawyer.