Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Abbeville, LA

Our Louisiana Speeding Ticket Attorneys have successfully defended dozens of clients facing speeding charges in Louisiana. Contact us immediately if you or someone you know has been charged with a speeding violation. You need the support of a legal team who is experienced with Louisiana laws, procedures, evidence and sentencing.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Have you ever received a speeding ticket? At some point in most people’s lives, they will receive a speeding ticket. Often, when a person receives a speeding ticket they consider it to be of little importance. However, a speeding ticket can come back to haunt you if you do not take care of it as soon as possible. This article will explain a few reasons why you should retain the services of a qualified lawyer to help you deal with any speeding tickets that you may receive.

If you decide to challenge a speeding ticket on your own, you will then need to take a day off from your work to appear in court. When you retain the services of a lawyer to handle your speeding ticket issues, on the other hand, he will appear in court on your behalf and this will allow you to not miss being away from your employment. In the majority of instances involving a basic speeding ticket, your lawyer can represent you without you having to be in court. A basic speeding ticket is determined by the laws of your state. For instance, it could mean that you are speeding but travelling under 80 mph on local roads and highways and not speeding more than 25 mph on the interstate.

You will also benefit when hiring a lawyer to get the best deal possible. An experienced attorney can negotiate a good deal on your behalf. He will consider various criteria such as your driving record, traffic conditions, weather, and so forth. A lawyer will indeed understand the various options available in each district. He will also be familiar with the district attorney’s game plan.

You will save yourself a lot of money by hiring an attorney. You may think that an attorney will be expensive but when you factor in paying traffic fines and court costs, the actual cost to retain a lawyer for a simple speeding ticket is a bargain. Of course, you may have to pay extra if your speed is excessive or if it is in a construction or school zone.

However, you need to also consider the increased insurance premiums that a conviction would cost. For example, to be exonerated from a standard speeding ticket using a lawyer would be approximately $400. That would include $250 in court fees, $50 for equipment fees, and roughly $150 for the lawyer. In contrast, if you decided to represent yourself and were convicted you would likely pay an extra $25 per month over 3 years for increased car insurance premiums. Plus the lost wages for taking time off work. Therefore, simple math dictates that you could save yourself thousands of dollars by retaining a lawyer if ever you should receive a speeding ticket.