Informational Checkpoints: Is This a Violation of Our Rights?

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Due to the COVID pandemic that we are all currently facing, many police officers have set up checkpoints along the normal routes of the city. Due to this, many people have to be vigilant about the proper identification and other specifics of driving on the road. Does the police department say this is to provide the residents of the areas with more information but is it actually legal for them to do this? A Louisiana speeding ticket lawyer sheds some light on the topic.

They want to practice social distancing while making sure everyone is adhering to the stay-at-home order. This means telling people where to go, what to do, and whether or not they are able to actually be out. This is becoming a big issue with many individuals, as they have to go to work, and may not want to stay inside their homes. 

Are These Checkpoints a Rights Violation?

Louisiana ACLU has called for a stop to these checkpoints. They believe it is a violation of the rights that we have as citizens. They also believe it could be putting the public health in danger due to the stopping, talking, and meeting with numerous individuals within a short period of time. It may not be slowing the spread of the virus, but in fact, causing it to spread more.

The cops usually stand in large groups and talk with each other. They do not adhere to the standard social distancing rules, and they also are usually not wearing masks. 

Reasonable Suspicion

Police are unable to pull you over or make you stop if there is no reasonable suspicion to do so. This means that if they do not have a reason to pull you over, you are speeding, you have a light out, etc. then you don’t actually have to stop at these checkpoints. 

This pattern of behavior is dangerous not only for the police and their families that they go home too but also for those who they stop. This can increase the spread and the policing that they are doing is not for law-breaking, but just to let the residents of the area know more about the stay-in-place order and the other specifics happening in the area.

It is important that everyone adheres to the stay-at-home order, including the police. Those who are stopping individuals on the roadways for no other reason than to speak with them is violating the laws, while also causing a higher spread in that specific area. This is not something that is helping the cities in Louisiana but actually harming them in the long run. It is something that the police department should think about before setting up those checkpoints. 

When A Louisiana Traffic Lawyer Can Help

If you find yourself in a situation where you need further help because of a ticket you received while on the road, make sure to call a lawyer that is familiar with these laws. They can provide you with a way to protect yourself against any and all odds while informing you of what should and can be done. 


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