The Business of Traffic Tickets And Why You Should Fight Yours

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Hard to believe, but traffic tickets are an industry that brings in billions of dollars in the US each year. Even more shocking, they have little to do with traffic safety and a lot more to do with making a profit. And with so much to gain, it’s no wonder that this industry continues to grow annually. Luckily, there are traffic ticket attorneys available to help you fight for your rights in court and have your ticket reduced or even excused.

When it comes to the number of traffic tickets issued per year, many believe that some of the numbers reported from local government units are far lower than the real numbers. But why would local governments want to hide traffic ticket numbers? The answer lies in how the states split the revenue for traffic tickets with these local entities. The reported numbers indicate that roughly 41 million traffic tickets are issued each year in the US, not including parking tickets. Each traffic infraction will run you about $150.00. That’s upwards of $6 billion in total revenue.

Who Benefits From a Traffic Ticket

The bureaus that hand out tickets aren’t the only ones that make a profit. Many insurance companies stand to profit is a number of ways. Some of the issued tickets could result in insurance surcharges. Insurance providers also push traffic safety programs and donate millions in radar and laser guns to police.

There is little to suggest a correlation between receiving the occasional traffic ticket and being prone to being involved in car accidents. Yet there are insurance companies that will charge a person more for auto insurance simply because they have committed a traffic violation.

Doing the math, we’re looking at up to $15 billion in annual revenue that comes from issued traffic tickets and additional charges from insurance companies. Nor is this the end of the list of agencies that profit. There is incentive for radar-detector manufacturers and scanner producers, as well as traffic schools. All of which means that you need an attorney on your side.

What Keeps Unfair Traffic Laws Active?

  • Enough laws have been passed so that anyone can be stopped at any time. And with a wide range of traffic laws in each state, it can seem like some traffic violations are a stretch or completely made up. We’ve all heard cases of police using a traffic stop as a reason to search a person or vehicle that they may otherwise not have had cause to do so.
  • Some traffic violations or the situations in which they occur can be exaggerated.
  • It seems logical that local and state police and court systems are funded through traffic ticket revenue because media tells us that only bad drivers get tickets and these drivers should pay for and learn from their bad driving in order to become safer drivers. But if you are looking to fight your ticket, you may feel that this isn’t always the case.
  • Ticket prices are below the “pain point” for most. While many drivers contest their tickets in court, there are many that simply pay their citation and move on with their lives. If the fines were higher, more motorists would fight their tickets and the court costs would eat into the overall profit from the tickets themselves.
  • It can be hard to fight your traffic citation. This isn’t a coincidence. By making it more difficult or more costly to fight a ticket, it becomes more likely that people simply won’t fight back.

What Can I Do About An Unfair Ticket In Louisiana?

If you have been given a ticket in Louisiana for speeding or another traffic violation, call a traffic lawyer today. We can help you determine whether or not your ticket was unjustly issued and build a case to fight on your behalf in court. Check out for more info.



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