7 Urgent Louisiana Speeding Laws You Need to Know Today

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Seven Speeding Laws

Did you know your car insurance premiums rise an average of 25 percent because of a single speeding ticket?

Yes, speeding can be expensive if you get caught. Not only will your insurance rates shoot up, but you’ll owe an expensive fine or worse.

If you’re a habitual speeder, you’ll get caught.

When you take the wheel, make sure you’re aware of these seven important Louisiana speeding laws. They will help you drive safely, and help you avoid expensive fines. Keep reading to learn more.

1. General Speed

Louisiana’s speeding laws function under the umbrella of what’s known as “General Speed Law.”

General Speed Law in Louisiana means that you must drive at a safe speed no matter what the posted speed limit is. This is often dependent on road conditions.

Under this law, if road conditions are wet or icy, you can drive at an unsafe speed even if you are at the posted speed limit.

These conditions can also depend on the traffic level and width of the highway. For General Speed Laws, you have to always show care for fellow drivers on the road.

If a police officer determines that you are driving without care for the safety of other motorists, you will receive a speeding ticket.

2. Absolute Speed Limit

Speeding laws in Louisiana also have an Absolute Speed Limit rule. This means that even one MPH over the limit means you’re speeding and run the risk of receiving a fine.

A lot of people like to believe there is some sort of buffer for speeding. Most people think that it’s legal to drive up to 10 MPH over the posted speed limit. This 10 MPH rule is a myth.

While you may have less risk of a citation should you follow this 10 MPH philosophy, it is often dependent on a police officer’s mindset. You might run into a cop who is a stickler for the rules and will pull you over even if you are within 10 MPH of the limit.

If that’s the case, you will receive a citation even for minor speeding.

3. Minimum Speed

You can also get a ticket for driving too slow. While it seems counterintuitive to discuss slow driving when discussing Louisiana speeding ticket laws, the truth is you can get a ticket for driving too slow.

The New York State DMV states that those driving too slow are as dangerous as those driving too fast.

Slow drivers compromise the safety of other drivers by causing conditions where drivers have to brake and pass the driver who isn’t driving at a speed consistent with the flow of traffic.

According to Louisiana law, if you’re driving at a speed so slow you’re impeding the traffic flow, you could very well receive a ticket.

4. Reckless Operation

In addition to any speeding violation, a police officer may determine that your rate of speed constitutes “reckless operation” of a vehicle.

Reckless Operation is driving in a manner that endangers your life or the life of other drivers.

A Reckless Operation citation can be a minimum of an additional 200-dollar fine and a maximum of 90 days in jail for a first offense.

Multiple Reckless Operation citations can lead to a six-month jail sentence and an additional 500 dollars in fines.

5. Three Strikes

According to Louisiana traffic laws, speeding tickets over three within 12 months results in a driver’s license suspension.

At the end of your suspension period, you will pay all fines associated with your multiple traffic violations as well as a reinstatement fee of 60 dollars.

If you’ve received three strikes, you will have to pay all your fines before you can reinstate your driver’s license.

6. Problem Driver Point System

Some states have their own point system concerning traffic violations.

Louisiana does not have a point system of its own. Rather, it participates in the Problem Driver Pointer System curated by the National Driver Registry.

The Problem Driver Pointer System is a national database that records all driving sanctions by a particular driver across all 50 United States.

Should you have speeding violations in other states, your license application in Louisiana could be affected.

If you have a suspended license due to speeding violations in another state and speeding in the state of Louisiana, you face serious legal ramifications.

7. Louisiana Speeding Fines

Speeding laws in Louisiana carry certain penalties based on the severity of your infraction. There are multiple variables associated with the amount of your fine, with the most common being rate of speed.

If you’re within 10 MPH of the posted speed limit, your minimum fine will be $115. Between 10 and 14 MPH, you pay at least $215. Should you exceed 15 MPH, but are within 20 MPH of the speed limit you face a minimum $240 fine.

Should you be caught over 21 MPH of the posted speed limit, your fine will be more than $240 at the discretion of the officer.

Other variables that determine the amount of your speeding ticket are whether you were driving under the influence, driving recklessly and whether you caused any injury to another driver.

Louisiana Speeding Laws

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding caused the death of 9,378 people in 2018. These deaths were avoidable.

Safe driving is important for your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers. Unsafe driving causes far too much injury and death. As a driver, it is important to know the speeding laws to maintain maximum safety.

Not only that – but the fines and penalties associated with speeding violations will drive up your insurance rates and negatively impact your life.

Have you received a speeding ticket in Louisiana you want to fight? Contact us today for expert defense.