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Are you one of the approximately 35 million people who receive a traffic ticket each year?

While a speeding ticket may seem minor, these charges often result in significant financial burdens that aren’t cheap. These burdens take the form of hefty fines and increased insurance premiums, especially in regards to future citations. We can help you keep a speeding ticket or a moving traffic violation off of your record and, in so doing, protect your insurance rates. Our traffic ticket attorneys have represented over one thousand individuals from across the country for all types of traffic violations in Louisiana. Our home base is in Baton Rouge, but if you hire us, we come to your jurisdiction to fight for you… almost anywhere in the state!

Money isn’t the only thing you save when you hire us: we make your Louisiana speeding ticket court appearance on your behalf, saving you valuable time. We work with the traffic ticket issuing agency and prosecutors to reduce your traffic violation to one which will not plague your permanent driving record. Whenever possible, our office will request a reduced fine and seek a dismissal.

Louisiana speeding ticket laws are unique and constantly changing, which is why we offer a specialized practice in this area. Our experience pays: our clients’ cases are occasionally dismissed entirely or their charges are reduced, meaning that points don’t appear on our client’s their record.

Make sure you contact our office at least two weeks prior to your court date. Remember: it’s not just the fine, but also the increased insurance premiums you’re trying to avoid when you invest in an attorney to represent you for a speeding ticket or a traffic citation. Don’t be plagued by higher insurance bills for the foreseeable future.

Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyers

If you’re still in doubt, here are the most common reasons why people choose to hire us as their Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyers to fight or plea their citation:
  • The inability to afford or simply don’t want to pay the fine.
  • The desire to keep a traffic ticket off of my record.
  • The damage that points on your license may cause.
  • OK, I did do it, but there was an unfair posting resulting in everyone else to be receiving citations as well.
  • Aggressive or untrained law enforcement officers; and a pretense for stopping a vehicle.
  • We’ve handled over 1,000 of them.

If you believe your case traffic ticket needs our helpit‘s time to challenge your ticket by calling an expert speeding ticket attorney at our firm. Don’t wait another minute! Remember you need to retain a legal team to work on your behalf at least two weeks prior to your court date.

Don’t be run over by a system that will let your driving record get spoiled. We will work with you and do everything we can to produce a positive result.

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